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Sacred Wanderings was founded in 2019 as a platform to highlight the richness of the World’s Spiritual & Religious travel destinations.

Through in-depth storytelling and photography, Sacred Wanderings has rapidly become one of the premier websites guiding readers interested in adding cultural and religious sites to their travel itineraries and those contemplating taking a pilgrimage.

Cate in front of cloisters with an intricate arched ceiling. Cate has long brown hair and wears hipster large glasses. She is smiling and laughing at the camara.
Visiting one of Portugal’s UNESCO World Heritage Listed Monasteries

About Cate

In 2012, I was invited to spend my summer at a monastery in Switzerland. 

That summer changed my life.

I discovered that traveling to and spending time in monasteries around the world was a powerful tool to deepen my faith. I began to travel more, returning to Switzerland frequently, while also exploring monastic communities, ancient monasteries, cathedrals, and as many temples and sacred sites as I could get to!

The more I traveled, the more I connected with others, expanded my worldview, and deepened my prayer life. 

Travel takes me out of my comfort zone – as a result,  I’ve experienced so much new growth & joy since I began traveling!

I believe that making pilgrimages to monasteries, cathedrals, and sacred sites around the world is for everyone.  As a Christian travel writer, I often highlight sites of importance to Christians around the world, including Roman Catholic sites and travel destinations with fascinating Protestant History.

However, I believe strongly that spiritual travel is for everyone: no matter what your faith tradition, beliefs or non-beliefs, these sacred places are filled with history, wonder, and beauty (Instagram anyone?!).

I’d love for you to join me as I wander and share the best of my travels! It’s my deepest hope to inspire you, to consider monasteries, cathedrals, and sacred sites as essential stops wherever your next trip may take you.

Cate in a floral shirt in front of an Armenian monastery with an angular dome and a bright blue sky.
Visiting one of my absolute favorite countries, filled with monasteries: Armenia

Fun Facts about Cate

When I’m not traveling, I serve as a pastor at the oldest Mennonite Church in the USA.

(Want to know more about the Mennonites? Read this: Who Are The Mennonites?)

I am obsessed with floral leggings, Swiss chocolate, & trying new board games with my family and friends! My current favorite board game is, unsurprisingly, based on a Monastic economy in the 11th century — Ora et Labora! My family also provides short-term foster care for infants in our city.

Work with Sacred Wanderings

Sacred Wanderings specializes in highlighting the religious and spiritual assets of a destination. Religious and Spiritual Travellers spend more than $18 Billion dollars annually.

Cate is passionate about helping destinations and tour companies reach this valuable audience.

Cate also provides freelance travel journalism related to spirituality, pilgrimages, and meaningful/sustainable travel.

Sacred Wanderings has worked with Amsterdam tourism, MyArmenia, and Visit Trentino, among other brand.

For inquiries please contact cate@sacredwanderings.com

Note: We do not accept any unsolicited guest posts or sponsored links on Sacred Wanderings.

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